Well diagnostics

Hardware and software complexes for operational diagnostics of oil producing wells pump equipment. Well fluid level monitoring. Sounding pulse velocity determination by a resonance on the tubing collars. Recording and analysis of downhole pump operation dynagraph.
“QUANTOR-5est” stationary echometer
“QUANTOR-5abd” self-contained dynamometer
“QUANTOR-5era” self-contained echometer
“QUANTOR-5micro” measuring recorder
The stationary echometer monitors fluid level and gas pressure in the well annulus.
The self-contained dynamometer automatically monitors the performance of oil producing wells equipped with downhole pumps.
A portable compact instrument for prompt monitoring and recording the performance parameters of deep-well pumping unit.
It monitors fluid level and gas pressure in the well annulus automatically according to the preset schedule.
K51.100 cross-arm jack
“QUANTOR-5ard” wellhead pressure gauge
“QUANTOR-5bdd” stationary dynamometer
It separates cable hanger cross-arms of pumping unit wellhead rod in order to install a dynamometer testing horseshoe transducer in the space between cross-arms.
It records pressure and temperature at well heads of producing or injection wells and transmits the recorded values at preset time intervals.
It automatically records the operation dynagraphs of wells equipped with downhole pumps and transmits the examination results to the process engineer’s workstation.
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