“QUANTOR-5micro” measuring recorder

The portable compact “QUANTOR-5micro” measuring recorder promptly monitors fluid level, annulus pressure and downhole pump operation.
The “QUANTOR-5micro” has a split design enabling to perform several types of examinations (echogram, CEF, dynagraph, valve test) with a single instrument. All “QUANTOR-5micro” sensors are interchangeable.
For standard thread 60х2.54 mm
Installed instead of pressure gauge (thread М20х1.5 mm)
Two level gauge versions are available:
No mechanical switches are designed which significantly increases reliability under severe operating conditions.

All level gauge components in contact with aggressive medium are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Each recorded echogram may be a means for clarifying sound velocity along tubing collars which improves the accuracy of fluid level determination.

All sensors are equipped with high-capacitance detachable lithium batteries.

No heating is required since a high-resolution frost-proof colour display is installed in the recording unit. This extends battery life.

Measurement results automatic saving to the instrument non-volatile memory.
The instrument is leak-tight and can be operated under various weather conditions.
Data transmission
The “QUANTOR-5micro” has a radio channel for data transmission from the sensors to the recording unit essential for quick studies and easy operation.
Sensor reset built-in function
Recording sound velocity along tubing collars
Instrument operation under vacuum and zero pressure
Echogram processing without transmitting the results to a computer
Wireless communication
Split design
Easy to replace high-capacitance lithium batteries
Simplified measurement recording
Echo metering
A sensor unit (an echometer) installed on the wellhead process nipple measures fluid pressure and level in the well annulus. An acoustic sensor and a pressure sensor are installed in the echometer casing. The sensor sensing elements are safely isolated from external aggressive environment.

A valve for bleeding a gas portion or an acoustic pulse generator is mounted in the echometer depending on whether overpressure is detected. The pulse generator creates a sounding signal whose level is sufficient for echo metering of almost any well.

Echogram recording is controlled by one key. A plot is displayed on the recording unit in the real-time mode. After recording, the operator can process the echogram without transmitting it to the computer.

The instrument supports several sound velocity determination methods:
  • In the tubing collars identification mode
  • Calculation based on annulus pressure
  • According to pressure/velocity chart
  • Keyboard input

In practice, it may be hard to identify a reflected pulse on the background of high noise amplitude in the well annulus. In that event, the system can suppress noise and amplify a desired signal. A high-frequency component is removed from the recorded signal by a mathematical filter.
Dynamometer testing
The dynamometer testing system records dynagraphs, leakage curves (valve test) and measures a load on the polished rod without measurement recording.

A horseshoe transducer or a polished rod transducer is used for dynagraph recording. The polished rod transducer is attached to the polished rod and designed as a clamp with a clamping screw. The clamping screw serves for polished rod transducer quick installation without tightening torque adjustment. To record measurement results, it is enough to indicate two successive positions of the polished rod at the bottom dead centre. The transducer traces a change in the rod diameter under a variable load, thus determining a relative load variation on the rod. The rod position is calculated using the measured acceleration.

The polished rod transducer minimizes the examination time and covers a larger well stock, but along with these advantages, the polished rod transducer has some great disadvantages:
  • The transducer cannot record absolute loads and movements.
  • The load value is affected by the polished rod curvature due to misalignment of the wellhead equipment.
So, a horseshoe transducer is needed for recording a full-scale dynagraph. Special hydraulic cross-arm jacks make it much easier to install a horseshoe transducer. The jacks ensure smooth, shock-free separation and closing of the cross-arms and installation of the transducer.

The jacks neither release the cable hanger nor damage the polished rod.

The horseshoe transducer measures loads and movements in a direct way. After transmission to the computer, the resulting dynagraph allows performing a qualitative analysis of the equipment performance. Quality of a dynagraph obtained by the horseshoe transducer is in no way inferior to quality of this type of examination performed by the “QUANTOR-5Rshgn” diagnostic complex.
Pressure measurement range

Normal design version 0..10 MPa

Normal design version 0..15 MPa
Fluid level measurement range
No overpressure 6..2900 m

At overpressure over 3900 m
Movement measurement range
Electronic mechanical transducer 0..4,5 m

Electronic transducer 0,5..10 m
Pumps/minute measurement range
Electronic mechanical transducer 0..20

Electronic transducer  0,6
Max measurement errors
Pressure 0,1 MPa (1%)

Time 15 s/day

Movement (polished rod transducer) 50 mm

Movement (polished rod transducer) 5%

Load (horseshoe transducer)  2%

Load (polished rod transducer), on reference rod 10%
Reception and processing unit power supply
Built-in computer battery 8..14 V

Vehicle mains 9..28 V
Load measurement range
0..10000 kg
Echometer radio extender-transmitter power supply, maximum
Voltage 5 V

Current 30 mA
Operating temperature
Reception and processing unit −5..+40 °C

Transducers −40..+70 °C
Explosion protection rating as per GOST 12.2.020
Recording unit 1ЕхibIIBT3

Echometer 1ЕхibIIBT3

Dynamometer testing transducer unit 1ЕхibIIBT3

Dynamometer testing polished rod transducer 1ЕхibIIBT3
Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254
Recording unit  IP40

Echometer IP54

Dynamometer testing transducer unit IP54

Dynamometer testing polished rod transducer IP54
Mounting dimensions
Echometer К15 internal thread, GOST 633-80 60х2,54

Echometer 65×88×42 mm
Recording unit power supply 2 AA batteries 

Memory capacity of reception and processing unit, at least  400 measurements
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